How HODLING 1% Ethereum Can Change Your Life (Do This Now!) Ethereum Price Prediction, Ethereum 2.0

There's, this adage, that goes, the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. But why is that? There are two parts to this question: why did the rich get richer and why did the poor never get better? What opportunities did the rich see that the poor didn't? Would things have turned out better for the poor if they had seized these opportunities and can the poor ever get rich? If, yes, how we'll, try to provide a viable answer to these questions.

Ethereum is one good looking prospect for having a major breakthrough in your finances. This video will shed light on how the use of ethereum can turn your life around in such a way that you might never be financially bothered again.

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If anything is making lives better out there, this generation it's. Crypto crypto is our very own magic crystal ball, which makes our financial wishes come true. Everything comes at a price though, but in this case the price is just waiting since crypto became a thing.

The art of handling has gained renown, credit to the early investors in bitcoin. Those who stayed to see it surge upwards. There are winners and losers in the game of handling those that sold too early and those that lost their holdings to scammers or lost the past keys to their wallets.

Somehow, the real winners are the millionaires we have today. If there is any lesson to be learned, it's that crypto investors cannot afford to be so desperate as to be content to earn so little off a crypto hodlers don't have to fear this.

Unless their intentions are, let's say impure. We need to go beyond our hand-to-mouth lifestyle of spending. Every single thing that comes within our reach. If you're so used to spending all of your wages on frivolous things that won't last or flirting with bad investments, then i urge you to stop.

It could get better and you could be better. No one should take pride in missing out on opportunities for turning around their finances. You've, been hearing about bitcoin for the past 10 to 11 years of your life, and you & # 39.

Ve witnessed the massive growth of the crypto industry as a whole. In the last few years, it's way more profitable than shares or stocks, as we know it, while many believe that they & # 39, ve lost the daylight right of bitcoin.

They've, constantly been on the lookout for another crypto that would ultimately put their own finances on the map. Ether is the cryptocurrency of the ethereum network, powered by the use of smart contracts to enhance transactions and other applicable modules which enable the use of other cryptocurrencies.

While it came years after the onset of bitcoin, it's, still the largest crypto after bitcoin. It's, known as the first altcoin, followed by others such as litecoin bitcoin, cash xrp, among others, bitcoin ethereum and other altcoins make up the whole crypto industry, which hosts thousands of other cryptocurrencies.

There are so many crypto to choose from while they're. All promising, which one should you choose to invest in bitcoin is the most in demand. Crypto followed by ethereum. Bitcoin may be thousands of dollars above the price of ethereum, but the gap is closer now more than ever.

If you're looking for the best thing in the crypto market, look no further than ethereum! In fact, if you look deep enough at the market or even at crypto news or technical analysis of the entire crypto market, ethereum is, in most cases placed above bitcoin in terms of growth potential.

It has the second largest group of investors and, unlike other altcoins, which tend to gain recognition only when bitcoin goes on its own runs ethereum seems to have gained its own autonomy. Experts advise that we don't just buy one type of crypto.

Fill your portfolio with multiple types of crypto, just like we've, been urging you on this channel all along. If you had the chance to take a sneak peek into the portfolio of some of the richest toddlers of crypto in the world, you're sure to find an ether wallet containing thousands of ethereum right alongside bitcoin and other prominent crypto like litecoin polkadot And xrp, if anyone asks you why the rich keep getting richer, the answer is hodling.

What is hodling hodling simply means buying a certain amount of crypto into your crypto wallet and never letting go there's. Nothing so technical about it just buy your preferred, crypto store it up safely and wait for it to rise exceedingly before ever considering selling it.

The question you probably have in mind is: why should we huddle and why ethereum in particular, the answer is simple: if you want to invest in a crypto and huddle, the first step is to look for one that is undergoing a dip pattern and buy it right.

There and then, however, don't just buy any crypto. You need to be extra wise about it. Stay informed of the events in the market and look out for the cryptos with the most potential ethereum is right there at the top of the pack.

The coin itself has been going on a fairy tale run of its own. To know why ethereum is the most viable choice to huddle listen closely. It entered the year 2020 at a price as low as 300, and it was predicted to attain new reasonable heights for ethereum hodlers.

At the time. The dream was always that the coin reaches its all-time high of a thousand one hundred dollars which it attained during the crypto boom of january 2018.. The boom lasted briefly as most of the coins hit new heights before they were all brought crashing down to earth.

Ethereum. Barely sustained at above 200, 2019 didn't hold many surprises in stock for all crypto. It seemed pretty uneventful, but rather with small spikes here and there. While there was a lot of volatility going on it, set ether up for what was to come in 2020.

, we all know it would be an understatement to say that 2020 started out quite badly for all industries and not just the crypto market. All predictions about ethereum and other cryptocurrencies literally went to hell after a toured.

First, three months into the year, there was a silver lining. However, as ethereum found its feet in a rally that ensued as we approached april 2020, it joined a rally that went on for what seemed like forever as the price reached about 600, before falling and consolidating at 550 as the year drew to an end.

Those who started hodling the coin at 250 had enough to rejoice about when it hit that height it's. Dipped back down to 550 didn't even hurt in the slightest. Imagine if one bought 5 000 ethereum at 250 per coin, they choose to huddle the amount in their wallet and await a suitable rise and, as we had the price hit 600 dollars, the total value of 5000 ethereum now becomes 3 million.

This meant that the sum total of the investment has more than doubled, and despite the fact that the price slipped down to 550, it's, still not at a loss. Why is ethereum a good recommendation for handling even at this time? Its rise from last year did not stop at that level.

The coin surged more than 300 percent to hit a thousand two hundred dollars, which was a hundred dollars more than its all-time high. In january 2018., it went further to hit 1 500 as it set another record in view of our calculations earlier, if you'd, been hotling the coin before the price leap from the 500 range till the time it hit 1 200 to 1 500.

You'd, have had more than 300 rise in the value of your holdings. This means the almost 3 million dollars you had would have multiplied to a whopping 7.2 million dollars worth of ethereum. That means you would have been 5 million dollars richer.

Even if you were holding a smaller amount of ethereum, which was valued at say just ten thousand dollars, it would have become no less than thirty thousand. It gets even better if, while holding you, keep buying more and more ethereum to add to the amount you initially huddle as we can see, ethereum usd is getting weaker and weaker near the support when the market creates a lower high near one support.

That means that the market is getting ready to break support and create a lower low too. The current 1 400 can easily break and we would expect 1 300 for our first target of a falling scenario, but we should consider this.

If the local resistance and trend line break the price could go above 1550 and re-test completely, then we can expect a bull market and the target would be 1 700. At least the signs show us that there's, still an opportunity available for you and i to key into ethereum and become hodlers.

The price of ethereum briefly hit around two thousand dollars in recent weeks before what seemed to be a general correction of the entire market. The value of one ethereum is dipped to about 1 400 on the intraday charts, and it presents a rare opportunity to buy the coin.

If we & # 39, ve learned one thing from ethereum: it always finds its way to a new height and with the current aura surrounding the crypto market and ethereum in particular. Its price could very well return to above two thousand dollars which makes buying and holding ethereum at the current price, a good bargain.

In any case, it's. A marvelous opportunity that you don't want to miss. It could be the beginning of the extraordinary turnaround in your finances. You've, been waiting for. We hope you enjoyed this video and if you did, please click the like button and subscribe to the channel.

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